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So why am I doing this show?

Folks, We Live In the 2020's Version of the Music Business!

Everyone knows that Education as a whole in the United States really needs a long over-due overhaul. They're trying to raise automatons, who eventually will have "jobs" – taking away everything that allows us to create our own career. They'd rather that we be working for someone else to make their dreams come true, instead of focusing on our own dreams.

But trying to fix the educational system in the United States would take years - so, I'm going to focus on what I do know.

How to Get in, Survive, And Succeed in the music business –
Without Getting Ripped off –
While Staying Sane throughout the Process!

What I can actually offer, is to give everybody an opportunity at a Music-related career, on the creative and/or business sides - without all the hassles, using a totally different way of "teaching."

But 1st, let's look at what your present choices are in either receiving a useful Education - Career Guidance help, with the main purpose of moving your career ahead. There have been many problems people have been having with colleges and universities that started way before this Covid Virus appeared.

The gist of the problem I have had, personally, with being a student as well as a teacher, let alone complaints I've heard from a lot of other students that I talked to, lead me to these problems (in no particular order):

Having to be at a certain place at a certain time and therefore having to schedule everything else around their classes.

Having to sit still in a classroom.

Having to take courses they had no interest in, that didn't "fit them" relating to what they wanted to do.

Having everything be out of date by the time they graduate. Note: let's face it: the music business is changing daily!

Having to pay a ridiculous amount of money and or paying back school loans.

And many others such as, "Boring", "nonproductive", parking, and I could go on forever...

(My least favorite? Having to teach classes at the Art Institute of Philadelphia at 8 AM in the morning. Simply, I am a night owl. I'm much more coherent at that time of "day", (or should I say "night").)

Actually, overall, the main problem with colleges is that, yes, their hopeful aim is to at least want to give you some knowledge – so you can get a "job"...

....but never showing you how to use that knowledge, creatively, to create your own future, a CAREER where you're doing what you love to do - and still earning a comfortable living at it.

WELL... As I said, what I can actually offer is to give everybody an opportunity at a Music-related career, on the creative and/or business sides - without all the hassles, and in a totally different way of "teaching." So the following, (along with my books & courses, services & programs,) rounds up everything I've wanted to do to help people,

So, here we go:

This is my picture of the ultimate music business school. That is, My alternative in regards to learning the music business:

Helping You become an Entrepreneur – not just aiming at getting a job, where you're helping other people live out their dreams.

Covering just what You want (and need!) to know - so that you are at least, Respected, Protected, and Paid!

No useless courses.

Seeing the whole picture all at once – the way the music business really operates.

Always being up-to-date for the 2020s version of the music business.

Learn at your own speed, and any time of the day you want or need to. In your pajamas, if you wish.

Keeping it fun, interesting, loose, conversational, and all in easy-to-understand – "People Talk". What is often called "edutainment".

We'll be covering the creative, business, and legal ends of the music business – all in "People Talk".

And, most importantly, learning how to use the knowledge, creatively, to your advantage using real-life situations.

Note: You don't have to listen to them in any order – but you should listen to every single one to get a clearer picture, faster.

In conclusion, I am sure that by just watching or listening to these shows and reading the articles in my FREE LIBRARY, you'll be getting a really good picture of the music business, and how it operates.

Note: if you want us to focus on and discuss any particular subjects, issues, etc., please email us at:


Additional Important Notes:

1. For those who are really serious about their career, wanting to know every last bit of information you can learn, please check out my Complete Music Business College Education Curriculum:

Music Business Complete

Music Business Complete

Note: I've left it at half price, as you will see!

2. And, for those who want a totally Personalized to you and your career's version of my curriculum, please check out Personalized Music Business College Education Curriculum:

This includes my complete curriculum mentioned above, but we also personally discuss (through live video, such as Zoom, or FB Messenger) and create a personalized three-step plan of action, that focuses on your life and career as an individual. A direct guide that will give you a big jump-start in any direction you wish to go - creative and/or business wise.

The process that comes with this version of my curriculum, or as a stand-alone "product" - Personalized, 3-Step Music Business Career Plan of Action

No matter what you choose to do, I'm always here for you.


Is the Virus Affecting Someone You know, Mentally???

Please, if anyone is having trouble coping with this mind-altering present-day way of life on Earth, either personally, and/or career-wise, please check out my self-empowerment book. "God Didn't Create Alarm Clocks." (It comes with both text and audio versions.)

People should want to use these times to take control of their life - you can still move Forward, And create a better future for yourselves, even if you're stuck inside.

And, Please Spread the Word to those whom you believe will benefit from it. Thank You!

Simply Click on the Pic, and Check it Out...

Music Business Complete

Take Care, & Stay Safe!

Onward & Upward!


All the Professor's Books & Courses are also available in Kindle & Paperback formats at Amazon

"Our aim is to help guide you, protect you, and to answer any and all of your questions regarding the Creative, Business and Legal sides of the Music Business, in plain, easy-to-understand "People-Talk". No matter what style of Music, no matter what you do, no matter what stage of your career - we're here for you! Let us help you save wasted time and money..."

David J. Spangenberg
["Professor Pooch"]

Music Business Career Guidance,
Entertainment Contract Specialist

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