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Professor Pooch's "State of the Music Business Address"
The Music Business: what's really happening and how it affects You...

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"Music Licensing In TV and Film"
Here's a "How to..." - for safely & legally putting your Music into Videos & Films!

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"Now, If I Owned a Record Company..."
A detailed layout of how I would run a Record Company.

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"Music Indie Label Series"
How to set it up and successfully operate an Indie Record Label.

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"Artists and Their Managers, and Getting a Major Label Deal"
A New Music Business trend has emerged affecting Artists & their Managers dealing with the larger Record Companies and what to do about it...

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"Geeze, I Thought He'd Be A Big Star By Now!"
He had the talent, he had the look, he had everything - except the most important thing...

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"Professor Pooch's 3-Step, Music Business Career Plan of Action"
"Everything You Need To Do, to be Prepared For Anything You Want To Do, In the Music Business"

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"Building A Music Business Team"
"Do It Yourself" [DIY] does not mean do it by yourself...

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Recording Studio Owners: Surviving & Succeeding In the 21st Century
What can You, as a Recording Studio, offer Musicians that they can't do on their own?

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"Indie Acts and Drawing Fans"
The ongoing dilemma of "Unsigned" Acts - How to draw fans to your shows...

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What Is "Music Publishing"
What really is Music Publishing & what is its relationship, and how does it affect the Songwriter...

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Professor Pooch's "Poochisms"
The Professor's Personal Thoughts Regarding the Music Business, As Well as Day-to-day Life...

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Text Only Links

Professor Pooch's "Memes"
A collection of Music Business-related memes that may be shared.

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A complete "How to..."

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What It Takes to Become a "Superstar"
The title above says it all...

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Music Business Contract Types & Descriptions
Here's a list of some of the important Music Industry contracts Professor Pooch
deals with on a regular basis and what they are about…

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Professor Pooch's Laws
10 important Rules to follow if you want to "Make It To The Top" in Music...

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Piano Chord Chart
Easy to figure out Chord Chart for any key...

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