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David J. Spangenberg
[AKA "Professor Pooch"]

Picture having someone who can be both, a Personal Music Business Career Guidance Counselor, as well as a Contract Specialist, for either You, personally, or Your Business/Company! A Person who can answer any and all of your questions in simple, down-to-earth language, as well as guide your career in whatever direction you choose, whether you are on the business and/or creative sides... &, Who can also write, explain, negotiate and mediate all your entertainment legal contracts...

Or, in a nut-shell, I make all the insane things that can pop up in your career, much easier and simpler to deal with...


Music Business Career Guidance
-By Phone, Skype Audio/Video and/or In Person-

Is your Musical or Music Business Career "stuck on hold"?

Our aim is to help guide you, and protect you, and to answer any and all of your questions regarding the Creative, Business and/or Legal sides of the Music Business, in plain, easy-to-understand language. No matter what style of music, no matter what you do, no matter what stage of your career - we're here for you! Let us help you save wasted time and money..."

David J. Spangenberg
Music Business Consultant,
Educator/Author, Advisor,
& Contract Specialist


Whether it's:

Creative... Business... Contractual

We offer complete Guidance & Direction for:

Recording/Performing Musical Artists

Songwriters & Publishers

Musicians & Arrangers

Managers & Management Companies

Producers & Production Companies

Recording Companies


-Consultations by appointment only-
Email: Pooch@professorpooch.com
Or Call: 215-483-7421
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"So who's Professor Pooch, really, and what can he personally do for me?"

Simply put, David is a Music Business Consultant, Educator, Advisor, Mediator and Contract Specialist who has been guiding Music Business Careers for 35 years. He can usually answer anyone's questions on any facet of the Music Business, covering the Creative, Business & Legal/Contractual sides, no matter what style of music, in whatever stage of their career.

On the creative end, David guides Artists/Groups/Bands, Songwriters and Producers, etc., and on the business end, Managers, Publishers, Studios, Production Companies, & Indie Labels, as well as filmmakers. (Yes, this is a multimedia world)! The aim is to help people and/or their companies "Get In, Survive, & Succeed in the Music Business - Without Getting Ripped Off!"

The Professor's Musical & Business of Music Background:

Musical: Studied Violin at age 8, Songwriting and Guitar at 13, and eventually became a Performer, Arranger and Producer by 16.

Business of Music: Beginning with a song he wrote at the age of 20 for another Artist that was coming out on a Major Label - without his name on it - he decided at that point the need for checking out and learning and experiencing the Business and Legal Side of the Music Business as well as doing his Artist thing.

To make a very long story very short, while he was given the so-called "star treatment" as a Singer-songwriter, he picked up everything he could from his music business surroundings, working in and around Studios, as well as Major Publishing, Management and Recording Companies.

Starting in the late '70's, while becoming very frustrated with them trying to make him into a "Pop Star" - when I was clearly a Rocker, many frustrated creative and business oriented individuals and companies started coming to him asking for his help. It was then that he realized how much he really enjoyed helping educate and protect people, and soon found himself guiding other people's careers.

In 1991 he was asked to develop and teach the "Artist Management", "Songwriting/Music Publishing", and "Entertainment Law" Courses at the "Art Institute of Philadelphia" in the various Music Business Departments. It was there, that he really realized how much he loved sharing his knowledge and experience, as well as writing about the Music Biz.

Around 2001, with a big help from the Internet, David decided to fully come out from way-behind-the-scenes. Now, instead of spending his time trying to get Professional Musicians, Artists, Managers, etc., OUT of messes, he could now help prevent a lot of people from getting INTO messes in the first place - and therefore help them save a lot of wasted time, money and energy going in the wrong direction, and could help prevent them from getting ripped off by unscrupulous people and companies.

Note: David J. Spangenberg, [Professor Pooch] is NOT an attorney! David HAS taught quite a few attorneys, as well as many others, the Music Business and how it operates, as well as Entertainment Law - you need to know them both! Especially in the Music Industry, it's not always only what's IN a Contract that can hurt you, but just as importantly, what's been left OUT of it, that if inserted correctly, will help you immensely!

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"Our aim is to help guide you, protect you, and to answer any and all of your questions regarding the Creative, Business and Legal sides of the Music Business, in plain, easy-to-understand "People-Talk". No matter what style of Music, no matter what you do, no matter what stage of your career - we're here for you! Let us help you save wasted time and money..."

David J. Spangenberg
["Professor Pooch"]

Music Business Career Guidance,
Entertainment Contract Specialist

E-mail David at: Pooch@professorpooch.com

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