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Complete Music Business College Education -
Designed & Personalized Just for You

Including the All-important “Career Guidance”
totally tailored to Your Career Wants & Needs,
in Whichever Direction You Wish to go...

Everything You Want & Need to Know to Succeed, Safely,
Plus just as Importantly,
How to Creatively Use this Knowledge to Your Advantage

All in Easy-to-understand Language

Always Up to date

Your Choice of:

1 Month Intensive Program | 3 Month Complete Program | 6 Month Master Program

Picture a Music Business College designed just for You? Where You learn just what you want and need to learn, based around your hopes and dreams, at a fraction of the cost of a standard college.

Enjoy a Complete Music Business Education & Guidance experience with long-time Music Business Professional, David J. Spangenberg, popularly known as, “Professor Pooch,” who’s been Guiding Music Business Careers for over 35 years. David is a highly experienced college educator/course creator (13 years at the Art Institute of Philadelphia) as well as a Published Author, and a Music Business Contract Specialist. He will be your Mentor throughout the process.*

*Note: See Resume on Site

Whether You want to learn all about and/or become a successful (including, but not limited to): Musician, Singer, Performer, Manager; Songwriter &/or Publisher; Producer, Engineer/Studio; Production Company, Indie Label, or be someone wishing to deal with them...

How would you like to have the option of one person being there for you to answer all your questions, to educate and/or guide you through the music business/entertainment business, and keep you sane throughout the process, saving you a lot of money, time, and effort, as well as your sanity...

You will learn how to deal with everyone/company you’ll ever run into – and Professor Pooch will be there for you for the unexpected...

You will truly get the Picture of how the Music Business Operates & how you can safely and successfully move ahead, quickly...

You will not only gain the knowledge you need, but also be able to creatively use that knowledge to your advantage.

All the following is included in all Programs:

**Note: See Professor Pooch’s 3 step-Music Business Career Plan of Action.

***Note: See Music Business Career College Curriculum on Site

The Process:

Important Note: ½ Hour Free Video Get-together to check each other out. Since the Professor has only so many hours to do all that he does, he is very particular in whom he chooses to Mentor.

Simply, this special program is limited to 10 people per month, so you must show you’re serious about wanting to learn all you can.

If 2 or 3 people at once (maximum) – such as a business or band partner – there is an extra charge of $250 per person per month.

All Payments: Cash [in person], or through Paypal, in Advance.


1st Month = $1,250

$1,000 a month for each additional month

To Enroll, or if You have any Questions, Please Send Email to: Pooch@professorpooch.com

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When you think of ‘Music Business Education’ and the way it should be taught, you think of Professor Pooch.

In a down-to-Earth but inspiring manner, using easy-to-understand language, the Professor helps you learn how the music Industry world really operates, and how to succeed – safely – through the maze.

As you ‘read between the lines’ in Professor’s Pooch’s speaking and writings, (especially his Books and Courses!) you’ll notice that there’s way more to the subject matter than just useful info.

In that he’s never had a ‘Box’ around him that he’d have to ‘think outside of,’ he’s able to look at things from a much wider perspective, giving you a fresh way of looking at the Music Industry so as to better help you see the Big Picture more clearly. That is, giving the reader/listener the ability to see it the way it really is...

...by turning the seemingly complex Music Industry into a simple, understandable,

“Ohhh, that’s how it works!” or “That’s what that means!” or “That’s how to do it!” or “Wowww, I didn’t know That!” etc., and therefore speeding up your journey towards success...

The result? With the maze solved, let alone your questions, answered, you will clearly understand and feel more comfortable with your role in the Music Industry, and therefore feel more confident in who you are and what you are all about – and ready for any and everything that awaits you...

To Enroll, or if You have any Questions, Please Send Email to: Pooch@professorpooch.com

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"Our aim is to help guide you, protect you, and to answer any and all of your questions regarding the Creative, Business and Legal sides of the Music Business, in plain, easy-to-understand "People-Talk". No matter what style of Music, no matter what you do, no matter what stage of your career - we're here for you! Let us help you save wasted time and money..."

David J. Spangenberg
["Professor Pooch"]

Music Business Career Guidance,
Entertainment Contract Specialist

E-mail David at: Pooch@professorpooch.com

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