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Author & Educator - David J. Spangenberg

© 1984 -

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Is the Author Qualified to Teach These Subjects?
Besides 50 Years full-time playing quite a few roles in the Music Industry, David developed and taught the "Artist Management", "Music Publishing", "Entertainment Law", and "Music Business Career" courses at the accredited "Art Institute of Philadelphia", for the length of their different Music Business, & Music & Video Business Programs - 1991-1998. His Book, "The Music Biz" was required reading for all Music Business Curriculum Students for the length of the program. The updated version is included in this Curriculum.

Does the Author have a Musical or Music Business Background
Both. 50 Years - Full Time, Starting as a Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist at the Major Level, and for the last 35 Years, he also has been Guiding Careers in the Creative, Business, & Contractual end.

What Do I Receive?
At this time, at least 3 Books, 4 Courses and 40 minutes of personalized guidance from the Author.

Can I Buy the Books & Courses Individually?
Yes, but, A. It is much less expensive to receive them all at once, and B. To attain all the knowledge necessary for a successful, long-time career, as well as receive a way better picture of the Music Industry, it really pays to learn about it all. It will really speed up your project(s), because you know how the Industry operates.

Is the Material Easy To Read & Understand?
David is well known for making the complicated, simple. It is all in Easy-to-Understand, Simple Language. You most probably will not need a Dictionary, a Thesaurus, or be a Mind Reader.

What Styles of Music Does This Book Cover?
All but Classical, though much of it does apply here. Simply put: The Music Business is the Music Business, but at times, when necessary, David will zero in on a genre if it is different than the norm.

Does it Cover the Creative, Business or Legal sides?
Yes, it covers them all in detail.

Who Will This Curriculum Help?
Everyone Seriously Interested in a Successful Career in the Music Industry. However, You will also need to exert some time & effort! Reading/Listening to this Alone, although you'll find it fascinating, will not help you!

How Do I Find Specific Topics?
The main Book, "The Music Biz" has a table of contents, and 4 main Sections. The Courses are in Sections, by topic. See the Text for this Info on all.
However, it is Highly Recommended, if you want a really great picture of the entire Music Industry, and how it operates, and the other people/companies you'll probably be dealing with, and how to deal with them, you should definitely Listen to & Read it all - "cover-to-cover".

What's Different Between the Text & Audio Versions?
The Information and Contents are basically the same, but the Audio version had to be made more "speakable" and understandable, in that the Texts of the Courses are in Step-by-step Outline form. The Text and the Audio versions are companions to one another. It is highly recommended that you both Read And Listen to all.

How and Where Do I Pay for The Curriculum, & Is It Safe?
You pay right on the main page (link at top & bottom), or below on this FAQ page. It is collected through Paypal - a very secure server.
They will take all major credit cards, or take it straight from your Paypal account. Paypal now also offers "6 months same as cash".

How Long Does It Take For Me To Receive the Contents After I Order?
As soon as Paypal notifies us that there is a payment, we notify DropBox and they send you an Email invitation to the Files. It normally takes 30 Minutes to 2 hours from the time you pay.

Will It All Come At Once?
Yes! Through "DropBox" - ready to Download or Stream...

In What Text and Audio Formats?
The text is in the Adobe .pdf Format.
The Audio is in .mp3 format, but can be streamed right from "DropBox".

Do I Have to Download All the Files?
No. You can also Stream them right on "DropBox"...

Is the Material Up-to-date?
Always! Constantly updated (at Least semi-annually), and whenever important facts change.

Will I Be Able To Receive Updated Versions As They're Released?
Yes, just notify us - updates are Free.
Note: If you received only the Text Version (pre-Audio), you can receive the text Free, but will need to pay $49.95 for the Audio Version. Notify us and we'll handle it for you.

Who's Voice Is On the Audio Version?
The Author's. You'll find his voice very entertaining and easy-to-listen to.

Will I Receive a Degree or Diploma?
Neither. You WILL Receive a big head-start to a Successful Career!

Will I Receive a Certificate?
Not at this time. It is being set-up, but you will have to pass some tests... Stay in touch...

Will I Have Access To the Author?
Yes! One (1) hour free personalized guidance, in person or by Phone Nationally, or Skype, Locally, Nationally or Internationally. You will also have his email for answering questions...

If I Am Not In the United States, Will This Curriculum Still Help Me?
Yes, nowadays, 95% is the Music Industry is the same globally. The only difference normally is any particular Government's regulations...

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