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I got my 1st computer at the age of 35. Why did I start so late? Simple – they hadn’t created personal computers yet! It all started out with just text. No pictures, no music, no videos! There were no hard drives, just “floppies.” And I was the owner of one of the 1st hard drives – $750 for 20 Megabytes!!!

(Note: Please read or listen until the end – there’s a means to my madness and a moral to this story.)

That hard drive came in handy, when in 1985 I opened the 2nd “MIDI” studio in the Delaware Valley area. Multi Instrument Digital Interfaces allowed me to do “sound design” – basically programming the synthesizers and sound samplers, that is, altering the sounds.

At the same time I had bought this equipment, I was also given a floppy disk that said I could dial-up and join this so-called computer network with an interactive “Bulletin Board” where you could type and leave messages and ask questions with other Music Pros. So, in effect I have been online since 1986, and I was one of the early users.

Back then, there was no Internet or worldwide web, there was just dial-up networks which contained only text – no pics, music, or videos. And you were stuck on that same set of “Professional Artist Network” bulletin boards, with just a few more to choose from, from the host server. In the nineties Bulletin Boards begot “The Gateway”, and eventually the Internet and the Web.

In 1991, I started developing and teaching Entertainment Law, Music Publishing, and Artist Management courses at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where I learned a lot more about computers. After this Music and Video Business program ended in 1998, I decided to stay on and teach computers a couple years – for only one reason – I saw that it was to become a big part of the future of the music industry.

In 2001, I decided to take advantage of my status, and took a course on web development one afternoon a week between my morning and evening classes. Our “final exam” consisted of each of us having a hosted, working website. I got and “A” by designing and putting up: Professor Pooch.com – which is still up 16 years later!

Sooo, why have I brought up all this stuff about me, computers, technology and the Internet? To give you a key to one of the important reasons why I’ve lasted 50 years, full-time in the music industry. Simply put, whether it’s about technology, or anything else related to the Music and related Industries that I’m involved in, I always:

“Honor and Learn from the Past,
Accept and Participate in the Present,
While Creating and Preparing for the Future”

That is, I never live in the past or worry about the future. I am always living in the present.

And, I have never quit wanting to learn new things. If something new looks interesting, I learn about it, and if my intuition says to “go for it”, I jump on it!

I highly recommend you never lose the little kid in you… Stay Curious, & Adventurous & Keep Your Eyes Wide Open for Every Opportunity to Advance Your Career…


If you ever have any questions the Creative, Business or Legal ends of the Music Business, or need my help in any way, please contact me at: pooch@professorpooch.com

Stay tuned every Tuesday for a new Blog, and if you miss any, you’ll find the older links on the Blog page.

Tune in for the next episode…


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